Over the last 25 years, our work has been supported by Government agencies, Institutions, Corporations, and committed individuals who have all encouraged us to keep going. We sincerely thank each individual and organisation that has helped us in improving the lives of the marginalized communities. Some of our biggest partners are:



SEARCH is one of the implementing agencies for NABARD for the last 12 years in Promoting Farmer Producer Organizations, Micro Enterprise development, Joint Liability Groups, and Livelihood Enterprise development to empower the farmers and women. So far, we have served more than 15,000 individuals through NABARD’s support.

ITC Limited

SEARCH is a partner organization for CSR projects implemented through Mission Sunehra Kal (MSK) for the last 8 years in Prakasam and Guntur District. We have worked on 2 major domains viz; Natural Resources Management and Health and Sanitation.

Under NRM, we have worked on drought proofing initiatives to create water positives villages through institutions in the form of Water User Groups (WUG’s) in Prakasam district. So far, we have developed 98 institutions and 4 Village Institutions for common land development. We have also supported 8000 farmers through various initiatives and improved water resources for saving the crops during critical phases.

Under Health and Sanitation, we have achieved elimination of open defecation in rural areas while also initiating Rural Solid Waste Management programme through community participation and promoting sustainable institutions.

The ITC supported interventions have reached 120 villages in Prakasam and Guntur district.

Hindustan Coca Cola Beverages

SEARCH is associated with the HCCBPL since 2011 and have implemented Rain Water Harvesting, Health and Sanitation and Skill development projects in the catchment area under their Corporate Social Responsibility program. Till date we have constructed 511 Individual Household Toilets in two villages and which got them the ODF village status. We have also trained 250 women and youth in different skills for livelihood enhancement leading to better quality of life. We have also managed to create rainwater harvesting structures which can save 100,000 kilo litres of water annually for improving ground water levels.


SEARCH is a partner association since 2007 and we have organised capacity building trainings for Marine Fisherfolk on Quality Management and Sustainable Fishery resources. Till date, we have covered 15,500 individuals through these trainings and helped change the fish handling procedures and fish value addition for better price. The program has also propagated the role of individuals in sustainable fishery resources with sustainable fishing practices. SEARCH is also member society in NETFISH national level network and implementing extension activities in the Coastal Andhra Pradesh.

Andhra Pradesh State Government

With the support of Government of AP we have constructed 1,591 individual toilets in partnership with the corporates while also providing capacity building trainings to the GP level functionaries on Rural Solid waste management program in Guntur and Prakasam district. AP Govt also supported us in establishing Residential Special Training Centres and Seasonal hostels for the school dropouts and migrant families’ children to continue their education.